Thursday, December 16, 2010

Colors Make You Crazy!

•What are the primary colors? How can you make a primary color?

•What are tertiary colors? How can you make a tertiary color?

•What are the secondary colors? How are they made?

•A monitor works in what color model? Is it an additive or subtractive color model?

•We read selections from books by 3 authors in this class. Who were the 3 Authors?

•Warm colors lean towards _____ on the color spectrum, while cool ones lean towards ______.

•On the following 3 color wheels fill in a triadic, analogous and complementary relationship.

•A tint is _______. A shade is _______.

•Colors can be embedded with emotional and cultural meanings, what does the color yellow convey?

•Color blindness is more common in ________ (men or women) and the most common color blindness is ____________ (2 colors).

•CMYK Stands for? What does the K mean again? It is an additive or subtractive color model?

•2 complementary colors are placed next to each other in a composition. A.)What does this mean
B.)What effect does it have on how we perceive these hues?

•Value refers to _____. While hue refers to ______.

•What does DPI stand for? What are the standard settings for screen and print media?

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