Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Logo Project

The things turned in for the logo project to be completely honest aren't up to snuff. The unthoughtful use of clip art with uninspired font and color choices make me wonder if any of you really care about not only this class but design in general. To think that a college student would actually turn in an assignment in color theory and tell me, "it's clip art with a old-fashioned font, the colors really could be anything" is baffling to me.

I have tried to make you interested in the course material offering you freedom (a magazine cover about whatever you want), professional experience (a logo design assignment from an actual client) and the opportunity to work as a group and it seems like some of you still don't care. On top of that I've told you, and reminded you that you could turn in revised projects for an improved grade yet only on 1 or 2 instances has one of you taken me up on that offer. There are 4 classes left in this class and a lot of you are in danger of failing. The final group projects had better be great, and you're going to need more than just in class time to finish them.

At the end of the semester everyone is going to have to hand in their projects (poster, magazine cover, logo) and the group project separately. They need to be revised and improved as I've been reminding people all semester. If they are you'll pass if not you'll fail. Just a heads up.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Final Group Project

The project is to present a proposal for campus signage and building identity. To outsiders the building layouts and locations are confusing. The group's assignment is to present a proposal for a system of signs, maps and interior architectural elements that connect the buildings through font, sign styles and color palette while differentiating them and giving each building an individual identity.

Each group is to develop a proposal consisting of a powerpoint presentation and a physical 8.5 x 11 printed out proposal with visuals and bulleted points addressing what the issues with the existing signage and how your new design proposals solves these problems.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010



NO. Don't do that.

Read Chapter 6 of Kendra. Continue working on the logo. A dairy cow (black and white) is not a cow used for meat. Look at this link for ideas of what to do (self contained image and words) and what not to do (photograph in a rectangle, with no binding box, etc.)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

K&B Cattle Co. Logo Design (11/04/10)

One good resource to look at is eatwild.com,
it is a website dedicated to grass fed local grown products. There
are hundreds of farm websites that have some pretty cool looking logos
to get some ideas from. -Dave, co-owner of K&B Cattle Co.

> - is it co. or company you want on the logo?
- Co.

> - how is the grass fed beef packaged? -
- At a local, USDA inspected processing facility, in cryovac bags for
maximum quatlity

> - Does the logo have to have a farm or cow?
- no, but something in either an old world feel, or understated modern

> - Is there any special texture or font you'd prefer for the logo?
- I like clean, uniform lines, no bubble type font, a straight forward
cursive could also work

> - What kind of style are you interested in for the appearance of the
> logo? (3-D, basic look, Shape form)
- As I said before, I like clean, modern, design with two or three
colors if no cow or farm scene is being used. I also like the rustic,
old school style, again, minimal.

> - What is the main message you want to get across to the costumers/What is your vision/main goal(s)?
- High quality, hormone and antibiotic free, Local, worh the extra
monitary investment (shown visually through point of sale products)
vs. grocery store

> - What is your mission statement?
- Using sunlight, water, and soil in a management-intensive, grass
forage grazing system, K & B Cattle Co. will produce nutrient-dense,
edible protein from cattle that are humanely treated, healthy, and
free of antibiotics, growth hormones, and pesticides

> - Describe your company in three words.
- Local, Quality, Beef

> - How old is your company?
- 1 year

> - How large do you see your company expanding in the next 10yrs?
- Large enough to absorb two full time saleries, still considered
boutique probably

> - How are you going to slaughter your cows, in a traditional 21st century slaughter house?

-They are taken to a local usda inspected butcher shop. Not a big factory slaughter house.