Thursday, November 4, 2010

K&B Cattle Co. Logo Design (11/04/10)

One good resource to look at is,
it is a website dedicated to grass fed local grown products. There
are hundreds of farm websites that have some pretty cool looking logos
to get some ideas from. -Dave, co-owner of K&B Cattle Co.

> - is it co. or company you want on the logo?
- Co.

> - how is the grass fed beef packaged? -
- At a local, USDA inspected processing facility, in cryovac bags for
maximum quatlity

> - Does the logo have to have a farm or cow?
- no, but something in either an old world feel, or understated modern

> - Is there any special texture or font you'd prefer for the logo?
- I like clean, uniform lines, no bubble type font, a straight forward
cursive could also work

> - What kind of style are you interested in for the appearance of the
> logo? (3-D, basic look, Shape form)
- As I said before, I like clean, modern, design with two or three
colors if no cow or farm scene is being used. I also like the rustic,
old school style, again, minimal.

> - What is the main message you want to get across to the costumers/What is your vision/main goal(s)?
- High quality, hormone and antibiotic free, Local, worh the extra
monitary investment (shown visually through point of sale products)
vs. grocery store

> - What is your mission statement?
- Using sunlight, water, and soil in a management-intensive, grass
forage grazing system, K & B Cattle Co. will produce nutrient-dense,
edible protein from cattle that are humanely treated, healthy, and
free of antibiotics, growth hormones, and pesticides

> - Describe your company in three words.
- Local, Quality, Beef

> - How old is your company?
- 1 year

> - How large do you see your company expanding in the next 10yrs?
- Large enough to absorb two full time saleries, still considered
boutique probably

> - How are you going to slaughter your cows, in a traditional 21st century slaughter house?

-They are taken to a local usda inspected butcher shop. Not a big factory slaughter house.

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